For an hour I quietly waited inside a plinth in an otherwise empty gallery, a working fan on top provided the only sound. At exactly 8pm I started a countdown on a megaphone from 10 to 0, at 0 I started cutting out a triangular hole. Once the hole was big enough I stuck the megaphone through and delivered a free-form text using various vocal techniques. The text included personal stories, quotes from famous people, song lyrics, and various strange vocal interludes. Once the speech was over I activated the siren mode on the megaphone and attempted to stand up in the plinth and walk out. It took a few tries and considerable effort to get my cramped legs to respond, but eventually I succeeded and left the gallery.

The performance was part of the Element.a project curated by Chrystèle Moulun Casanova.

Photos by Laure Catugier, video by Element.a

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