The mind free. Angry, hurt, damaged, calcified.
The body free. Heavy, aging, inflexible, dying.
The individual free. Rigid, unbending, dominating, destructive.
The society free. Slow, grinding, heavy, monotonous.

QUIET VIOLENCE is the state of the individual within a system.

“Quiet Violence” addresses this reality through the work of 5 visual artists and 9 sound artists. These distinctions are eroded by the integration of sound installations and performances spaces within the larger context of the exhibition.

Friday 13th/
Veslemøy Holseter
Alex Pastore
OKO with J.E. Murphy
Dr. Nexus
La Muerte Roja

Saturday 14th/
Jennifer Eberhardt
Gunnar Karel Masson
Zwann Eï Collective

Poster and flyer designed by Damien Tran