Sculpting Inside was a six part hybrid performance work by Aleks Slota and Florian Feigl. Points of departure are their shared interests in nature & landscape, paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, and black metal. The live performances, installation works, sound pieces, and video works engage with forces of nature, noise, and darkness. Over a period of six weeks the durational presentations traveled through three different venues each time featuring different bands and musicians whose performances were interwoven with the work of Slota and Feigl. Each presentation was singular – one fragment out of six celebrating the unique encounter of creative forces.

Audiences were invited to a full on experience of installation works, minimal performances, and soundpieces starting at 5 pm and ramping up to a more tightly knit environment from 8 pm on. Line-ups included the bands Nashmeh and Sun Worship, the solo musicians Lars Ennsen, Robert Fisk, Felix Müller-Wrobel, Heather Green, Joke Lanz. Slota and Feigl collaborated for Sculpting Inside with lighting designer Hanna Kritten Tangsoo and video artist Christopher Hewitt.

Video documentation of the first part of the performance at Haus der Statistik, 16.09.2023:

Video documentation Christopher Hewitt
Photos by Stefanie Schmid, Andie Riekstina, and Ruby Gold

Dates and locations:
Haus der Statistik
13.09.2023 feat. Ennsen/Fisk/Müller-Wrobel
16.09.2023 feat. Nashmeh

West Germany
23.09.2023 feat. Heather Green
30.09.2023 feat. Sun Worship/Nashmeh

Vierte Welt
07.10.2023 feat. Joke Lanz
14.10.2023 feat. Lanz/Green/Müller-Wrobel

Project website:

Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Community.