A long term performance begun on August 8, 2012 and performed for 18 hours over three days. During the performance I invited the audience to interact with me and talk about the idea of home in crisis or art in general. The audience members were free to contact me through any telecommunication medium, such as phone, email, instant message, skype etc. I did not respond to direct verbal or physical contact. The performance continues.

“Set up chair table, signs, computer, phone – open sign – or – the artist is tele… – look busy…read, surf (art based) – have talking points questions ready – ignore people – sign call/skype/text/email/IM – answer right away, be normal  + engaged – lead conversation as long as necessary – after office hours are over close up shop but leave sign of contact info – next day setup same but in diff location diff furniture – diff setting w/different furniture makes sense”