Post 9.11 paranoia at the Illinois state building. Transcript of the exchange my videographer had with a state police officer.

Photo by Robert Baldwin

Artist: Hi
Security: Hey
A: Is it ok to videotape in here?
S: Just curious…
A: I’m just making a movie.
S: …why you’re here.
A: Just watching the elevators.
S: One particular elevator.
A: Uahh (Yes) The side one, my friends in it, we’re making a movie…is that ok?
S: Do you have permission from the building?
A: No, where would I get that?
S: From the building, office of the building…
A: Down there?
S: for you to film here!
A: From the front desk, can I get that, or…
S: No
A: Where is the office that I ask?
S: The fourth floor.
A: Umm…can I do that now?
S: Might be a good idea.
A: Ok…ahh
S: I’m a little curious why anybody would be filming so intently in a state building…this day and age.
A: Oh…
S: Where you from?
A: The art institute (whona see id)
S: I would get permission, to start doing some type of independent filming…within the building structure of a government.
A: Ohh
S: You, you cannot understand what I’m saying!!
A: Of course I just…
S: Try filming around the federal building and see what kind of activity you get.
A: Right, no, tis, well we’re not actually doing anything we’re just filming we’re not…
S: Uhu I understand but I’ve been standing here…watching you film one particular thing.
A: Right, I guess it looks bad, right.
S: You can say, you’re in a government building…
A: Right
S: there’s a little bit different air about government buildings and federal buildings and such…ok.
A: Umm
S: Kind of hiding in f, you’re in front of a credit union, you’re a banking institute you’re by escalators you’re turned to the elevators it just, its maybe, its just my cop mentality, it just doesn’t kind of adds up a little…being a little bit…that I need to.
A: Uh-ha…ok
S: If you’re doing any type of ahh film work or anything for school you should go, you should have permission from the building to do…
A: Ok fourth floor.
S: any independent work, all right.
A: Well let me get him out of there and then we’ll be back, ok.
S: Inform the building of what you’re doing.
A: Sure, thanks.