Public performance executed at Washingtonplatz, a large square directly south of Hauptbahnhof the main train station in Berlin. The station is both an architectural marvel and a labyrinthine eye-sore, located close to the German federal bureaucracy and one can argue the center of EU power. This station connects Berlin to the rest of Europe, and like the government buildings in the vicinity also projects German power to the rest of the continent.

For approximately one hour I activated the periphery of the square, slowly walking on the curb right next to the street. Through a microphone attached to a portable suitcase amplifier I repeated the mantra “I will not kill, Ich werde nicht töten”. These words were an incantation or maybe a hypnotic suggestion to those in power, from the highest echelons down to the humble cop on the street. The mantra also resonated with me personally, informing the choices I can make as someone living in such a rich country.

Performed in the frame of Performance Crossings festival, organized by Cross Attic and the Association for Performance Art in Berlin.

Photos by Miroslav Fokt