“Crossing” was a ten day performance residency at the DCCC in Dnipro, Ukraine, that brought together artists from Germany and Ukraine for two collaborative interventions. The second action (pictured) happened in the Artsvit gallery and involved sixteen artists. For the 2.5 hour duration I engaged in loud and disruptive activities in the gallery space. The title “Yeah Well You Know” only refers to my part and underlines my fraught relationship with unstructured group performances.

Some examples of my actions:
-interacted with the audience and invited them to help with the performance
-took selfies with other performers and audience members
-played death metal
-spun chairs into the brick wall
-cleaned carrots, feet, and the floor with disinfectant
-made “Ukrainian” carrot salad by throwing carrots into the wall
-amplified the actions of other’s with a phone and Bluetooth speaker
-glued the speaker to my head
-moaned and “ejaculated” disinfectant as another artist read wall text
-made myself beautiful by creating thick and luscious lips

Organized by the Artsvit gallery and PAErsche

Photos by Oleg Samoilenko & selfies