A 20 minute performance during which I was questioned and tortured by a video interrogator. I walked on stage and put a black bag on my head, my hands were bound and I was helped to my seat by an audience member. As I sat down the video started playing and asking questions, at random intervals torture music played and I submerged my head underwater, then the questions began again. The performance ended when I was rejected by my torturer and told to leave. A song from the children’s television show ‘Barney and Friends’ started playing, still bound and hooded I left the stage.

All the music played was used in real interrogations: Barney and FriendsSlayer, Throbbing Gristle, and Diamanda Galás, or is of a similar sonic sensibility such as Brighter Death Now and Prurient.

Presented during the Musrara Mix Festival #18 in Jerusalem, Israel, curated by Avi Sabag and Sharon Horodi.

Short video (5:35) with blank silent spaces for my answers edited out.  Full video duration 19:34.